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The Top several Types of Massage Therapy

therapy massage is an ancient tradition that is becoming more and more popular in modern times. Once considered a luxury it is now offered in hospitals and clinics. There are about 160 types of massage Physiotherapy practiced today. Each type provides the receiver with a unique experience. If you are unfamiliar with massage choosing a modality that is good for you may seem overwhelming. Let's look at the top ten types of massage therapy used in clinics and spas today.
Pilates Melbourne, also known as classical massage, is the most popular type of massage practiced in the West. The strokes used in this style are the foundation for many other types of massage. It consists of long flowing strokes and kneading strokes. The therapist uses oil or lotion to let their hands to crawl across every place of the skin. It is relaxing and therapeutic. This therapy relaxes tense muscles, loosens tendons and increases circulation.
Sports Massage is no longer just for athletes. This vigorous massage has been turning up in spas more often. Normally used to treat athletes pre- and post- sporting events, this treatment concentrates on loosening muscle tissue and treating injuries. It is usually focused on specific areas of the body that are in pain.
Deep Tissue Massage is a deep therapeutic massage that works underlying muscles. The therapist uses hands, fingers, forearms and elbows to work deep in the muscle tissue. This therapy is great for treating chronic pain.
Hot Stone Massage is very popular in spas. Hot Stone Massage is a trend in spas. Smooth stones are heated and placed on various kinds of areas of your body as a heat treatment. The therapist then uses oil to massage you with the warm stones.
Neuromuscular Therapy is a deep therapeutic massage that uses trigger point therapy along with other methods to loosen knotted tissue and free nerves entrapped in the tissue. It is very effective in relieving pain.

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