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Shopping for Some New Clothes

After we had a bit of an issue with moldy clothes after we forgot to throw them in the dryer before a week-long trip, I found myself in a situation where I just didn’t have any clothes for work.  Well, I guess I did have clothes, but they would be unsightly and unhealthy to wear, so I put them in the garbage.

Thankfully my boss was okay with me wearing street clothes one day at work, but in my line of work, street clothes are definitely not appropriate.

So, I had to find some new work clothes as soon as possible.

I heard about a sale on some barbers & stylists aprons online so I decided to check them out.  While I usually would rather try clothing on before I bought it, the store that I was looking at online had a great return policy, so I felt comfortable buying them from the comfort of my own home.  I loved the fact that the prices were a fraction of what I would pay locally and there were so many designs to choose from.

I picked out my favorites.

The clothes should be here by the end of the week and that will be in time for me to work on the weekend.

I can’t wait.

Posted by Melissa Jones - December 6, 2016 at 10:22 pm

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New Uniforms for the Staff

It seems like ages ago since we bought our first uniforms for our staff.  Five years ago when we bought a little pet grooming shop in our town, I thought that we would start off things right with groomers jackets & smocks emblazoned with our logo.

It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

In fact, it was what set our shop out from the crowd.  You could come in to our location and you would know right away who the staff were.  In a sense it gave us a spirit of unity, and to this day has been a positive experience for our staff.

But it was time for a change.

Recently, we decided to revamp our logo and our old uniforms just were not going to cut-it anymore.  It wasn’t that they were worn out or anything like that, but the branding needed to change to reflect our new look.

So that is what we did.

Our new uniforms showed up yesterday and we are planning to present the staff with them at our company retreat next week.  I’m hoping that they love them as much as I do – I think the changes that we have made will be good for the company.

Posted by Melissa Jones - November 4, 2016 at 8:53 pm

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Picked Up a New Uniform for Work

For the last six months, I have been working as an esthetician at a local salon during evenings and weekends.  It has been a good job that has allowed me to focus on my college work during the week and allows me to put some extra money in my pocket as well.  My boss has been very accommodating working around my schedule, and since I love doing nails anyway, it is a good fit for where I am in life right now.

But one of the things that I have wanted to change for some time is buying a new uniform for work.  Since I didn’t really have any extra money when I started my job, I had to use a used uniform that they had kicking around the salon, and while functional, it was old and worn out.  Many of my clients made comments about it and I decided that once I had enough cash that I would buy myself a new one.

That is exactly what happened just a few days ago.

You see, I was looking at some grooming apparel online and I found a cute blue rhinestone jacket for less than $40.  It was designed for people working in my field, so not only did it look good but it was going to be durable and functional as well.  Since I had enough room on my credit card, I ordered one and it showed up yesterday.

It is perfect.

I can’t wait to see what my clients say when they see me in my new uniform – it will be nice to get some positive comments for a change.

Posted by Melissa Jones - October 7, 2016 at 5:48 am

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2012 Hair Movements

Hairstyles 2012 happens to be certainly not same as the early years. This many years you will see a great deal of natural curls. You will discover styles if you have extensive as well as wavy hair. The majority individuals are either utilizing extensive hair or it happens to be too brief. Hairstyles for women this many years is plenty. You can easily discover a appearance from the various hairstyles this many years. Encouragement from the 1970s, 80s looks is unmistakably noticeable. You can smoothly carry out these looks without looking odd. The majority of the hairstyles will fit for on a daily basis lifestyle. You can easily discover various hair fads this many years. Selecting short hairstyles for women is an old fashion.

Long as well as bouncy hairstyles are the initial top priority this many years. You must blow dry your hair to a bouncy appearance. This appearance is well groomed as well as attractive. This appearance is visiting look excellent on women with extensive straight hair or extensive wavy hair. This appearance is basic as well as mess free. This is excellent for any sort of occasion. Picking hairstyles according to your face cut is important rather than going by manner. Make sure you select hairstyles that will look really good on you as well as in fashion. You can easily speak with a hair stylist to get suggestions. By having professionals, you can easily discover a really good look to carry this many years. You should additionally protect your hair surprisingly properly. If you are certainly not vigilant concerning your hair, you can easily weaken your hair.

You can easily encounter dryness as well as hair fall if you are certainly not vigilant with your hair. You should select really good hair care products to take really good care of your hair. Continually follow up with conditioner after shampooing. Conditioner will certainly aid in making softer your hair. It supplies the moisture your hair needs. You can easily discover really good hair masks in the market. You can easily even make your own hair masks. You must utilize hair mask every week to profound disorder your hair. You can visit to collect something different styles.

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Certainly Be A Fashion Nut This Christmas

Should you be style aware, this information is available for you. Let me develop the a sense style the following. I am talking about how fashionable you're in substituting gift ideas to one another? Are you experimental enough to surprise some unusual items to your friends and relatives? This festivity, shower the contentment by having choco rainwater all-around. If you aren't a choco sweetheart, do not be unfortunate since i am generous enough to provide you the popcorns gift ideas as well.

After studying this, somehow that this is my own every day report. After the entire weeks time remaining committed to the cleanliness of the every day room, there comes a period when visitors continually come to wish you Christmas and shower their benefit giving you. It will feel much better in order to meet individuals in this particular busy lifetime. The hey there, the smiles are beloved all year long but what exactly is it in the grass amount?

At first amount, it really is simply the return of gift ideas. People today feel much better when anyone causes them to be think special. Customarily, sweets ended up being swapped to enhance everybodys lifetime. Although you can not change the standard rites and customs, it is possible to surely change the materials for being swapped. Why not consider popcorn gourmet gift baskets?

People the 20 th century less difficult wiser and thicker. They want to live lavish lifetime using their choices generally adjusting frequencies. They're not happy most abundant in standard style of sweets. Even just in a list of sweets, they appreciate acquiring numerous different types of sweets.

Why don't we ignore sweets because individuals are incredibly health-conscious lately. Health and fitness and sanitary food tops a list of individuals inclinations. But there is however no solution for fixation and love of some thing fairly sweet.

Sugars will not really convey smiles towards people lately. The minute the footsteps of sweets enter home, we start by getting imagining how to pass it on without delay. Let that craze transform using the replacing sweets by chocolates. Let the exhilaration escalate once the chocolates gourmet gift baskets are been given. Allow everyone be able to amenable the gift ideas and discover some unusual, fascinating as well as gift ideas. If it appears still old-fashioned, you can also have the choice of popcorn surprise packing consuming your festivities with a high sodium turn.

This Christmas, observe it with a bowl of popcorns near the tech-leery container. Mind you, the adjective Moron now-a-nights doesn't have adverse symbolism. With thanks to the dvd, 3 losers!

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