Changing to my Winter Tires

While I didn’t want to admit that winter was here, I have to now because I just got stuck in the snow yesterday.  So, I’m going in to our mechanic that has a coats tire changer, and he’ll be able to swap my all-season radials for my winter tires.

I guess that means I’ll also have to get my snowsuit out… I just can’t wait for spring.

Posted by Melissa Jones - December 23, 2012 at 9:14 am

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Renewing my License

It seems that the one thing that I forget each year is to renew my license.  It is just one of those things that slips my mind, and you would think that by my age, it would be a habit, but it is not.  So, I went down to the motor license issuer in town this morning to renew it as it was going to expire tomorrow.

After answering a few questions and reviewing my liability coverage offered through the insurance policy, I took out the license for another year.  Heaven forbid that I ever give up driving!

Posted by Melissa Jones - July 22, 2012 at 11:29 am

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Letting My Old Car Go

All of us have a special place for one of the vehicles we have owned.  For me, I have been holding onto my 93 Dodge Spirit for way too long.  She was always good to us, but now that she is barely used anymore (and pretty rusty), it has come to the point where we need her to move on.

Instead of trying to sell the car or take it to the junkyard, we have decided to let her benefit someone one more time by looking into carangel car donations.  I feel that since the car has been so good to us, it is fitting that her one last task will do some good out there in the world.

I’ll really miss my car.

Posted by Melissa Jones - June 15, 2012 at 8:07 am

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Making my Truck More Useful

When I told my wife I wanted to buy a new truck, she wasn’t too happy with it.  You see, I bought a new car (at least it was new to me) just last year, and she thought I didn’t really need one.  So, what I had to do was convince her.

Down at the shop, we were trying to get another vehicle with truck racks to help make it a bit easier for us to deliver product to our customers.  So, I decided to tell her that I was buying the truck to help down at the shop – she had no problem with that.

Honestly, I didn’t realize that the racks would come in handy as they do – my truck is not only fun to drive, but more useful too Smile

Posted by Melissa Jones - June 14, 2012 at 11:15 am

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Important Things That You Need To Know In Managing Your Personal Finances

Costa del Sol Property is the Favoured Selection for a Residence in the Sun

Because the British, and afterwards the Irish, started to migrate toward sunnier climes seeking the enjoyments of a Southern-European life-style the northern islands could not offer, Spain, and especially the Expense del Sol, has been the favoured spot. Other locations in Spain also have considerably attractiveness as of program do other nations this sort of as France, Portugal, Greece and more lately Bulgaria and Croatia. Nevertheless, the Costa del Sol's all-natural elegance, tradition, hospitality and calendar year-spherical local climate suggest Costa del Sol house retains its position as the favoured spot of the tens of hundreds of Brits and Irish who either get a getaway house or seem for a more everlasting move to a sunnier house. Although not everyone's cup of tea, the presence of this sort of a considerable ex-pat group indicates that several of the familiarities of house are simply found on the Costa del Sol, from normally favoured British foodstuff to tv and newspapers. This helps a whole lot of individuals truly feel they can get pleasure from the positive aspects of the Southern Spanish life-style with out sensation also homesick. And there is nonetheless plenty of possibility on the Costa del Sol for the more adventurous to isolate by themselves more from the British and Irish influence and immerse by themselves in a really Spanish way of life.

The Boom and Bust that Influenced Costa del Sol Property.

Brits have been purchasing Costa del Sol Property considering that the 1980s in steadily increasing figures and the Irish joined the development in considerable figures from the late nineties onward. The end result was a continual rise in worth of Costa del Sol house as it turned more and more common for people with disposal income to obtain a second house. Investors purchasing house not to reside in but to consider gain of capital gains and rental income spotted this development and also entered the market place, in increasing figures. At all around the identical time, house-proprietors in the Uk and Eire have been viewing phenomenal increases in the worth of their properties. Many have been in possession of households really worth up to two or a few times what they had at first paid out for them and banks, eager to retain customers with house loans virtually or substantially paid out up, have been eager to offer cash equity towards these ever more beneficial properties.

For their part, house-proprietors noticed the possibility both to offer by themselves with the luxury of proudly owning Expense del Sol house, either as a getaway house or for a at ease retirement, as effectively as once more consider gain of a soaring house market place as they had with their first households, several of them unwittingly. The seductive combination of proudly owning Costa del Sol house to commit time in as effectively as the prospect of a canny financial commitment taking gain of one more booming house market place was also considerably for several to resist. Flush with straightforward cash from the banks' equity delivers, purchasers flocked to get Costa del Sol house in their tens of hundreds throughout the decade major up to the credit history crunch.

This influx of would-be-purchasers ongoing to generate the market place for Costa del Sol Property till all around 2007. Opposition from cheaper different destinations this sort of as Bulgaria's Black Sea Coastline, had an influence, as effectively as the gradual sluggish-down of the house market place in Europe in standard as it attained its plateau. When the plateau tipped over into drop and prices started to drop purchasers who had acquired in the few many years major up to the peak typically found by themselves in unfavorable equity and eager to promote, even at a decline. There was also a surplus of new-develop Expense del Sol house, which had started development with a watch to present desire continuing at a related speed in the coming many years. These factors blended to direct to house prices dropping by, in some cases, by up to thirty% to forty% in the intervening period. Mid-value array Costa del Sol house was hit the heaviest owing to a larger percentage of proprietors obtaining by themselves in monetary difficulties as effectively as having the biggest surplus of new-builds coming onto a market place suddenly bereft of purchasers.

Costa del Sol Property: The existing landscape

The present market place for Costa del Sol house is one particular characterised by two competing influences. On the one particular hand, the factors which led to a downturn in the market place are nonetheless to an extent present trying to keep prices very low. On the other, the Costa del Sol's position as the favoured spot for Brits and Irish purchasing house overseas has not been diminished. If anything, the drop in prices as effectively as the realisation that different markets can't offer the identical degree of life-style, comfort and ease and calendar year spherical climate, as the Costa del Sol, have kept the market place ticking over and prevented further depreciation in house prices.

A Buyer's Chance

For purchasers who presently have the means and want to get house overseas, either as an financial commitment or life-style alternative, the present market place for Costa del Sol house delivers an outstanding possibility. All of the factors why the Costa del Sol turned the amount one particular Southern-European spot either for a second house or more everlasting relocation are nonetheless a part of the location. In conditions of calendar year-spherical local climate, life-style and facilities, it is not difficult to argue that the Costa del Sol is the most attractive spot in Europe for the Brits and Irish.

Adhering to the growth and bust of the European house market place, Costa del Sol properties at the moment signify greater worth for money than at any time in recent times. The truth that the most attractive properties now offer much greater worth for money than a few many years back and there are possibilities to obtain distressed properties at cut price-basement prices suggest that as a buyer's market place, any individual with long time period ambitions to individual Costa del Sol house should seem cautiously at entering the market place now if they have the monetary position to do so. distressed property Marbella

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