Reading the Saturday Paper

What a lovely day.  I have been out of my house all day shopping and drinking coffee.  While it feels like I have accomplished some things, it also seems like today has gone by too quickly.  In an attempt to slow things down, I decided that I would sit down and have a coffee while reading today’s paper.

Sitting down and sipping on my favorite coffee in Starbucks, I opened up my paper and started reading the headlines.  I was looking for some kind of cheery story to break up all of the negative news coming our lately.  This past week has been pretty bad here in our country, and I decided that I wanted a break.

They had some comic strips in this paper, right?

After reading a number of comics, I felt a little bit better.  It is amazing how some laughter can really make a big difference in your life, and I noticed how much the laughing really helped me feel better and happy.

Moving on from the comics, I discovered some good deals in the classifieds section for some Milgard Windows In Toluca Lake that would be perfect for one of my friends.  I ripped out the ad and I’ll give it to him the next time we see each other.

Reading the paper really put a smile on my face.