Not Going to Studio City this Week

Working with real estate across our company sometimes pulls me in different directions at once.  The catch is that I am only human and I can’t be in more than place at once.  This means that I have to let someone down that needs my expertise, but due to the nature of the services I provide, I am really offering my services in a first-come, first-served type of situation.

It isn’t ideal, but for the most part, it works.

While I would like to think that it works most of the time, it did not pan out this week.  You see, I was called to do some work in Los Angeles just half an hour before the folks in Studio City called.  They were looking for me to help consult on some replacement windows Studio City, but unfortunately I had my other flight booked and everything lined up before they called.

They weren’t impressed.

Thankfully I was able to change their attitude after I explained why I couldn’t come out and help them out today.  It was an opportunity to really educate them as to why I couldn’t make it and open their eyes as to how busy my job really is – they were a lot friendlier after I was done.

I will have to make it to Studio City early next week and hopefully we can get their window problem sorted out by then.