Learning About Energy Efficient Windows

As with any other business, we are looking at ways to streamline our operations and maximize profits.  One of the ways to make more profit is by reducing expenses.  So, our company has been looking at all levels for ways to cut costs without cutting staffing.

It has been a very effective exercise.  There have been a bunch of great ideas that have already been implemented that have been submitted by staff at all levels of our organization.  In some ways,  striving to be an efficient company has really brought everyone together.

This morning I am attending a meeting that will be covering energy efficiency doors and windows in Glendale.  We have been consulting with experts for some time now as to what impact switching to more efficient doors and windows would have on our bottom line, and today’s meeting will answer some questions that we have.

I will be taking back what I have learned today to the board meeting later this month where we will discuss and decide what needs to be done.  It will take some time to replace all of the doors and windows in all of our buildings, but I think it will be a step in the right direction if we are looking to reduce expenses company wide.

I’ll know for sure in a few hours.