Shopping in Glendale

At one point in my life I was an avid shopper.  Clipping coupons and going to the mall every weekend was my life.  It wasn’t so much about spending the money that excited me, but rather finding prices that most people could only dream of.  For me, finding the best price on any kind of product was what motivated me and awakened the hunter within.  I considered my talent of finding things on sale like an art, and I was always working to perfect it.

Then came the internet.

Instead of taking the time to leave my home and find deals by hand, all of a sudden I could just sit at my computer and find the best prices with just a couple of clicks.  While it was easier than shopping in the real world, it didn’t give me the rush that I craved.

But that all changed today.

You see, I took the time to get out of my house and shop in Glendale.  I knew there were some good deals on windows in Glendale that I was going to check out, but I thought to myself that it just made sense to get out and see if I still had the chops to find the best prices.

It turned out that I did.

All in all my day of finding some windows for my home turned into one of the best days shopping that I have had in a long time.  There is definitely a big smile on my face.