Taking Family Pictures

It is usually this time of year when we take our family pictures for the yearly Christmas card.  In the past, we have done everything from dressing up like Santa’s reindeer, to wearing hideous Christmas sweaters.

This year we are doing something different.

Instead of being crazy about our family pictures, we will be a little more tame and take our pictures outside by a lake not far from here.  It doesn’t hurt to do something nice and serious for a change.

Like every year, we are renting a camera from a company that offers a Canon camera hire, LensLocker.co.uk.  We have used their services a number of times when we needed a professional camera at a good price, and we are always impressed with the condition of their cameras.

They always seem like they are brand new.

I am going out to the lake this weekend to scout out the best location for our pictures, and hopefully we will be able to get them done sometime next week.  I want to get working on them as soon as possible to ensure that we will have everything ready in time for Christmas.

I’ll try and remember to post the completed pictures when they are done.