Using Interactive Maps as a Teaching Tool

When it comes to teaching fourth graders in this day and age, the one thing that they expect is technology to be part of the lesson.  Gone are the days of a boring lecture and notes on the board, instead the students want to be engaged by the lesson.

Which makes coming up with material a little more challenging.

Instead of reading out of the book and providing boring lessons, I have embraced using technology in the classroom and have incorporated it into our classes.

For example, when we were learning about the history of the United States, I used iMapBuilder, an interactive map software solution, to create maps where the students could click on and interact with on their tablets in class.  Creating the maps were easy thanks to the intuitive interface provided by the software, and the kids really loved being able to digest the facts in an interactive manner.  We still were able to incorporate all of the facts that we were supposed to do according to the curriculum into the lessons, but in a fun and engaging manner.

As the year progresses, I will continue to use this software as a teaching tool to make learning fun.  It will make this year of teaching social studies and history a lot more entertaining for both me and the students.