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It's kind of a big deal actually - this Apple Newsstand. It’s a new feature Apple is introducing for purposes of organizing subscription-based publications by compiling them all in one location. The idea is to make periodical type publications, such as magazines and newspapers, more accessible and easier to locate.

Newsstand is a nifty little gadget found right on your Home Screen. It's the same principal as a folder used to organize your favorite things, and acts as a storage unit for your magazine and newspaper subscriptions, as well as a store where you can search for apps. Just as you would go to a literal Newsstand to find your favorite magazine, with Apple Newsstand you can search and select from the hundreds of periodicals available online in app form.

It even looks like a newsstand! If you are a reader, I know you've seen iBooks where you can store all the books you've downloaded onto your iPad or iPhone. It looks like a bookshelf and displays all your books by their covers. It's clever, but it's also very handy, as you can easily find the book you're looking for.

So too with Newsstand except it displays the front magazine (or newspaper) cover. You can find your chosen material at a glance. And just as iBooks has a bookstore, Newsstand has a store where you can search for and purchase subscriptions to your favorite periodicals. Seems like a great idea to me!

Newsstand is designed for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod to make the publications easily available. But it is also intended for the publishing industry to make their reading materials available to the reading public through Apple devices. Newsstand is perfect for accomplishing that goal.

Digital is the future of publishing and Apple intends to be in the forefront in this exciting new world with innovative features like Newsstand.

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