Is There A Funny Side To IT Services ?

When his computer printer began to make odd sounds and print erratically, the owner called the computer repair shop... only to be told by the young chap on the end of the telephone : “It sounds as if your printer only needs a clean-up and we’ll charge you $50 to do that here. You’re better off doing it yourself.” The man was taken aback by his honesty and asked him if his boss was aware that he was discouraging business. “Actually,” replied the shop assistant, “It’s my boss’s idea. We usually make more money on computer repairs if we let people try and fix the problems themselves first”.

As amusing as that may be – when it comes to IT services and computer repairs of your own equipment, it’s no joke.

That’s why you need to take the decision seriously when it comes to choosing your IT services company, Perth Computer Repairs says.

When it comes to IT services, business and personal computer users need to know that their assets are in reliable and efficient hands.  Jargon-free communication, rapid response times, qualified and experienced technicians, budget-friendly service, remote IT support, willingness to go the extra mile and a proven track record are all things you should look for when choosing an IT consultant.

Bearing in mind the rapidly evolving world of technology, it’s important that your IT support company is able to meet your current and your future needs with the most appropriate software, hardware and systems – whether it’s for business or for personal use.

Making jokes about computer issues and computer problems is one thing – but when it comes to choosing an IT consultant, it’s serious business.  Whether for company or home networks, you need a company who is as concerned about productivity as you are, so make sure they offer remote IT support as well as fast, efficient and value-for-money service so that your system downtime is kept to a minimum.