Are You Getting The Best Service From Your IT Consultants?

What is it with IT services people?

As with so many service providers across all industries – there seems to be a pervasive ‘over-promise/under-deliver’ malaise.

How often have you been forced to find a new IT services provider because you need computer help FAST and the one whose business card has been faithfully lurking on your fridge door doesn’t answer your calls?.  And it’s the same story, time after time.......

They’ll sort out your computer issues – but they’ll also ‘sort out’ your IT services issues in the future with their promises of immediate response, great deals on pricing, 24 hour remote IT name it, they’ll offer it.  And regardless of whether you’re talking about IT consultants in Perth, Paris or in Puerto Rico – the story is the same.

So, naturally you take this new IT consulting team on board because you like the sound of what they offer – great service and great value.  But unless you’ve done your homework properly – you’ll probably find that it’s just another version of the same story and when you need them, they won’t be there.

In this day and age where computers and technology are part and parcel of our everyday lives, from a PC at home to a sophisticated office network, inferior service from an IT solutions provider is simply not good enough.

So, how do you go about finding a reliable quality IT consultant?

Well, if you’re looking for a company that offers quality IT solutions in Perth, I’m banking on recommendations from colleagues and friends who say that Perth Computer Repairs are excellent.  I’ve also done some digging around myself to make sure their reputation has been earned, not made up, and by all accounts, they keep their promises when it comes to reliable, professional and quality IT support