Back-Up Solutions – An IT Consultant Tells How You Can Avoid The Nightmare Of Losing Critical Business Data

The consequences of ignoring computer back-ups can be devastating, says a leading IT consultant in Perth.

When organisations talk about their greatest asset, they usually mean their staff, say Perth Computer Repairs – but the data stored on their computers is right up there when it comes to valuable assets. Just imagine the effects of inadequate protection of this precious asset, they say.

Just imagine if all your data vanished.  That means all your emails, your documents, PDFs, photographs, contact lists, your accounting and billing information, employee information and payroll details, supplier records etc...gone.

The reality is that it’s virtually impossible to recover from such a devastating loss say the Perth IT consulting firm, with the London Chamber of Commerce saying that ninety per cent of companies that experience a major loss of data go out of business within 24 months.

Most businesses do however, recognise the importance of doing backups – but they either don’t translate the theory into reality or they have inadequate protection.

Routine backup is the only way to ensure optimum protection, says Perth Computer Repairs.  However, whilst onsite backup is great for protection against data corruption, hard drive failures and other local events, it is possible for computers, backup drives and mobile devices to be stolen or even destroyed by fire.

Companies are better off arranging for backup to be done offsite to ensure that their valuable assets are protected optimally.

If your backups are less than perfect, you should discuss automated online solutions with your IT consultants.

As Perth Computer Repairs says, this enables files and folders to be selected and the optimum frequency chosen, so that backup can be programmed on an automatic and regular basis.  Importantly, it can also be done offsite which is extra protection against the loss of critical business data.  To avoid becoming one of those 90% of companies that go out of business after a data loss, talk to your IT consultant today about implementing a backup solution that will ensure optimum protection as well as recovery.