Kinds of Allergy Treatment

In order for an allergy sufferer to know what treatment is best for them, they should go to see an allergist or an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist. Once the allergy has been diagnosed, a proper form of allergy treatment will be determined.

Many allergists consider environmental factors in relation to allergies and make sure that their patients receive proper counselling in regards to the ways they can avoid the substances that can elicit allergic reactions. Taking preventative measures can decrease how often the person’s suffer from an allergy attack, as well as the severity of the attacks.

There are a variety of types of medications on the market, some prescription and others over-the-counter that can help in terms of allergy treatment. Antihistamines and decongestants are very popular as are anti-inflammatory agents. Examples of these include corticosteroids, cromolyn and nedocromil. Thee medications help to decrease the amount of inflammation in the airways. There is also a type of low-dose corticosteroid nasal spray that is readily used by allergy sufferers and is very effective at managing inflammation in the nose.

Another type of allergy treatment is allergy shots. Allergy shots are recommended for people who suffer from moderate to severe allergies reactions and are also particularly beneficial for children. Doctors also recommended allergy shot for those individuals who find it impossible to stay away from the source of their allergy, such as an allergen found at the workplace or a person who refuses to give up their beloved cat or dog.

Allergy shots as allergy treatment are given in two phases- the build up phase and the maintenance phase. Patients are given one shot a week and the dosage is increased over time as the person builds immunity to it. Also known as immunotherapy, this type of allergy treatment has been around for many years but the results are not the same for everyone. In most cases the patient must be given shots for a period of time that can range anywhere from three to five years.