Are Allergy Shots Right for Me?

Allergy shots are not good for everyone but tend to work best on people who suffer from severe symptoms, or people who have allergies that over the years have not shown any sign of improvement. If you have experienced a variety of side effects from other forms of medication then allergy shots may be a good idea for you as well.

The allergies that allergy shots work best for include seasonal allergies, indoor allergens and insect stings. Individuals with seasonal allergies or seasonal asthma or hay fever are allergic to such things as pollens from grass, weeds and trees. If you suffer from allergies all year long then you probably are sensitive to any number of indoor allergens which could include such things as cockroaches, pet dander, mold and/or dust mites. An other type of allergies is an allergy to insect stings. Many people experience allergic reactions when they are stung by a bee, wasp, yellow jacket or hornet.

Allergy shots may be beneficial to you if you have no way to avoid the triggers for your allergic reaction. For example if you are allergic to your pet’s fur but refuse to find the animal a new home. They may also be beneficial to you if the allergy medications you have tried in the past, or are using presently are not enough to help relieve you of the symptoms. If your current allergy medications cause you unpleasant side effects or if they interact with other types of medications then you should give allergy shots a try.

If you wish to decrease your use of allergy medication on a long term basis then allergy shots are a viable option. If you are allergic to insect or bee stings then allergy shots are wise as these types of stings can be extremely serious, and in some cases, deadly.

Allergy shots may not be the best course of action if you have recently found out that you are pregnant. However if you have been getting allergy shots and then find out you are pregnant, this should be fine. If you suffer from severe and uncontrollable asthma or lung or heart conditions (such as taking beta blockers) then you should not get allergy shots. Allergy shots are not effective for individuals who suffer from any type of food allergies or chronic hives (urticaria).