Types of Allergy Medication on the Market

Many people who suffer from allergies need some form of allergy medication to bring relief from their symptoms. Allergies can cause skin to itch and swell, the nose to run and feel stuffed up, and eyes to be itchy, watery and very irritated. There is no known cure for allergies but there are a variety of types of medications available, both prescription and over-the-counter.

Allergy medication can take the form of antihistamines, decongestants, combination medicines, allergy shots, and corticosteroids. Antihistamines have been around for many years and come in the form of liquid, nasal spray, eye drops or pills. Nasal sprays can be used during hay fever season or for bothersome allergies all year long. Some examples of prescription antihistamines include Allegra, Clarinex and Zyrtec. Some examples of over-the-counter allergy medications of this kind include Benadryl, Claritin and Tavist.

Decongestants are especially useful allergy medication for getting rid of congestion and can be used in conjunction with antihistamines for optimum relief from symptoms. They can be purchased as eye drops or nasal spray and in pill or liquid form. Prescription decongestants include Claritin-D and Allegra-D while over-the-counter kinds include Sudafed liquid or tablets, Visine eye drops and Neo-Synephrine.

Combination medicines are two-in-one medications that contain both elements of an antihistamine as well as a decongestant. Together they work to rid the body of a number of different symptoms that occur all at once. There are also combination medicines that bring together asthma and allergy meds, as well as those that combine antihistamine eye drops with a mast cell stabilizer. Prescription forms include Naphcon, Zaditor, Vasocon and Semprex-D, while the over-the-counter kinds include Tylenol Allergy and Sinus, and Benadryl Allergy and Sinus.

Steroid medications, known as corticosteroids work to decrease inflammation as well as prevent and treat the sneezing, itchiness, and congestion related to nasal problems that allergies cause. Corticosteroids are also beneficial for swelling and inflammation that is related to other causes besides allergies.

Steroids are a form of allergy medication that is available in pill form, as a nasal spray, as a cream or as eye drops. Examples of nasal steroids include Flonase and Nasonex; examples of eye drops include Alrex and Dexamethasone while an example of an oral steroid is Deltasone (or prednisone). Inhaled steroids are only available with a doctor’s prescription. Some examples of these include Azmacort, Beclovent, Flovent and Pulmicort. Advair is another form that is a combination of a steroid and another type of drug to help relieve asthma symptoms.