Long-Term Allergy Relief with Allergy Shots

If you suffer from recurring allergy problems that do not respond well to a variety of types of medication then the type of allergy relief you should consider is allergy shots. This is also the case if you suffer from the side effects of allergy medication. Allergy shots are particularly beneficial for children as they can prevent asthma attacks and they can also decrease the likelihood that a child with hay fever will develop asthma.

It is important to note that long-term allergy relief involves monthly allergy shots and it may take three to five years of consistent injections to achieve the necessary results. The good thing is that once the injections stop, often the allergy goes away or else the relief from symptoms lasts for many years to follow.

Allergy shots are a type of immunotherapy. Each individual shot is made up of substances that trigger allergic reactions in order to boast the effectiveness of the immune system. The shots contain the right amount of substances to do what they need to do but not to cause an allergy attack.

As time passes, the doctor will increase the dosage of the shots in order to allow the body to become accustomed to (or desensitized to) the allergy-causing substances. This will ensure that your immune system will build up a tolerance and will encourage the allergy symptoms to disappear.

Allergy shots are given on a type of schedule that has two phases- the build up phase and the maintenance phase. The build up phase normally takes from three to seven months and involves getting a shot one to three times on a weekly basis. The dosage is increased during this phase to build the immunity to it. This lays the groundwork for the future of the allergy and for long-term allergy relief.

The maintenance phase is the longest phase and can take anywhere from three years to five years. Once the doctor feels that you have reached your highest level of the allergy shot, that level must be maintained. You will need to have a shot every month and it will contain a consistent amount of the allergy-causing substance. This can all make for allergy relief that lasts.