In our increasingly digital world, keeping computers and computer systems up and running 24/7 is an absolute must – at work and at home. So when things go wrong, as they inevitably do and the most critical moment, it can be a crisis.

And that’s exactly why more and more people are turning to remote IT support as their back-up.....

Having said that, it’s vital to make the right choice of company offering remote IT support, Perth Computer Repairs specialist, Daniel Etazadi says – and professionalism and reliability are key.  A remote IT support company is of no use whatsoever if they’re on walkabout when you need them!

He added that more and more people were switching to remote IT support for their ongoing computer service and maintenance requirements (not just as a last-minute lifesaver), so establishing a long-term relationship with the IT consultant was imperative.

So when it comes to choosing an IT services company, Daniel has the following tips.

  • Look beyond the talk – make sure the IT consultant has a proven reputation for reliability and quality of work and don’t be shy to ask for testimonials and references.
  • Has the IT support person got the appropriate qualification for the job?  Are they certified and trained?
  • Ask the IT services company about their pricing policy (eg do they charge by the hour, part thereof, what do they charge for remote IT services etc?) and what quality guarantees do they offer?.
  • Remote IT support is a fantastic service and a real life-saver when computers give trouble, but it’s also important to know that your IT consultant is able to do on-site repairs and collection and delivery of equipment where necessary.

Essentially, choosing a supplier of IT solutions in Perth boils down to finding a company which ticks all the boxes professionally (experienced, proactive, reliable, affordable, quality of workmanship, services offered etc) as well as personally (friendly, open, personable, understanding etc).