Doing Some Renovations

It seems that we never take any time to get away from our real estate projects, but truth be told, I love renovating houses.  There is just something about taking a run-down home and turning it into a palace again.  I guess I am still a kid at heart in many ways, and adding value to these properties is certainly a passion of mine.

So this weekend when we have the opportunity to work on restoring a home in the Hamptons, I was stoked – not only would I get a weekend away from the house, but I would be out doing something that I loved. I was also looking forward to the deal that we were able to get on some replacement windows in hampton that a good friend of ours was going to give us, and it was going to give us the opportunity to check out his shop.

With the weekend quickly approaching, I can barely contain my excitement – I know it will be fun Smile