Taking A Closer Look At Popular Home Theater Systems

Yamaha YHT-897 Home Theater System Review

When it comes to buying a home theater system, there is no shortage of options to choose from. In fact, the choices available can be bewildering. Here, we will look at the Panasonic SC-XH170 DVD Home Theater System, as well as two other systems, which are just three of the many options on the market.

All three systems in this review, are 5.1 channel home theater systems with integrated Blu-ray players and sound system. Each of the systems has five speakers, one front speaker, two center channel speakers, two surround speakers, and one subwoofer.

Purchasers of this system will be very happy with the range of features offered at a very low price. The Panasonic SC-XH170 Home Theater System can be purchased for about $175. The system can connect to iPhones and iPods by way of a USB connector.

The system is supplied with Viera technology, allowing it to be connected to other devices like mobile devices, digital cameras and camcorders that are also Viera enabled. Sound presence from the SC-XH170 is stunning with a 1000 watt total output.

The system has an automatic sound equalizer, which eliminates those annoying volume increases during advertising breaks. Color coded wiring makes it easy to set the whole system up. Sound quality is excellent for the price.

It is hard to find negatives with the SC-XH170. The only real disappointment is the absence of wifi.

The highest priced system we looked at was the Yamaha YHT-897 Home Theater System. This system is not an option for buyers with a limited budget, given its sale price of around $750. Visually, it looks better than the other systems. It also has some advanced features that are lacking in the others.

Yamaha's proprietary technology, AirPlay, is included with the YHT-897. AirPlay allows users to stream directly from iPads, PCs. Macs and Android devices. The YHT-897 can automatically configure sound settings based on an in-built acoustic analysis of the room the system is set up in.

At only 100 watts output, the subwoofer lacks a bit of punch. This may not be an issue when watching movies, but may disappoint some people when playing music.

The Samsung HT-E3500 is the most basic system reviewed in terms of features provided. This is evident in Samsung's own description of the product, which is quite muted. The company provides only barebones information about the system. It does not state what devices can connect to the system through its USB.

Priced at around $215, the system offers reasonable value for money. Sound reproduction is of good quality. The Samsung HT-E3500 Blu-ray Home Theater System is very easy to set up.

Total sound output is just 500 watts. The speaker cables are very short, which greatly limits how they can be set up.

When comparing all three systems, the Samsung scores the lowest. This system costs more than the Panasonic one, even though its total output is lower and it does not have all the features available in the Panasonic. The Yamaha system is quite versatile, and has some advanced features, but its price is much higher than that of the Panasonic.