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Samsung HT-E5400 Home Theater System Review

If you remember the last time you went to a movie theater, you understand why most people enjoy their home theater systems. That includes the Pyle Home PHST94IPGL Home Theater Tower which is not just a way to watch movies but also provides you with a way to listen to your music right from your iPhone or iPod. Who would have thought you could use your phone to listen to music?

With the Pyle Home PHST94IPGL Home Theater Tower Allows you to give friends and family the experience of home entertainment that some thought impossible before. It gives you great stereo sound with good bass, and is an easy to assemble right out of the box system that is plug and play, and works great. That’s as simple as it gets. Don’t be surprised to find that your neighbors may want you to turn it down. However, some are not quite pleased with the FM radio.

You’ll get a built in WIFI when you buy the Samsung HT-E5400 Home Theater System which as 3D Blu-ray player which is what attracts some people to this model. By filtering sound sources twice you get minimal distortions with this one. This gives you crystal clear sound, and you can browse the web right from any big screen.

Okay, so we got the good out of the way, now for a few gripes. There may not be enough memory to meet the needs of some and you cannot add more to it. With that said, many purchasers are still very content with this device even though it may take a magician to reach technical support when needed. Getting it hooked up is pretty easy with the adequate length of cables and plenty of wiring.

With 1000 watts of power and 5.1 channel surround sound, the Sony HTSS380 3D Home Theater System is a great choice for those who want a single-cable High-Definition AV connection. The docking station allows you to listen to your music, watch video, and view photos right from you iPhone or iPod any time you wish. Right from the comfort of your couch you will get an amazing cinematic experience when you have the right home theater system.

While this is a reasonably priced system, you may have some problems with the length of the connector cables and you should understand that they are proprietary. Along with that, you may not be able to get the support you need to find the right connectors from Sony. To sum everything up, you’ll receive good sound and a great price along with some awesome features that you may not want to do without.