What Can You Do With Cyberlink PowerDVD Software?

There can't be a media player buff who hasn't heard about the Cyberlink PowerDVD software these days. The software is so popular and fashionable in the current market. However what does it do? Why is it very hip? Read this tract further to grasp the complex details.

What is It?

Cyberlink PowerDVD is a media playing software which has an ability to play back DVD. The later versions of this media playing software supports blu-ray format also. Being a proprietary commercial software product, it comes frequently bundled along with the Windows operating software systems. It may also be purchased from the Cyberlink website.

The 1st version of this program came out in the year of 1998. It was at first bundled together with the Windows XP operating system. Once the software has been released bundled with PC systems, it has become the 1 most well liked media playing software.

Latest Versions

The newest version of CyberLink Corp. software player has been released on April 2, 2013. Based mostly on the 'True theatre ' technology, the software is UV prepared and offers support for 4K ultra HD.While it has the capacity to convert DVD videos to videos that have the blu-ray quality. Being 58% faster with blu-ray playing options, the improved and leading edge colour and lighting technology incorporation in this release has made it a massive hit. Coming out in 3 different bundles as Ultra, Standard and Deluxe, the most attractive feature of this variation of the software turns out to be its ability to play all of the latest formats of audio, graphics and videos files from the disk source.

Version 12 was its prior version and it was released in January 2012. While this variation offers support for DTS-HD 7.1 channel surround sound and allowed users to transform the 2D blu-ray and DVD videos and photos to 3D, it also elaborated its support for portable devices, specifically Android and Apple devices. While PowerDVD mobile enabled users to play back media on iOS and Android mobile devices, PowerDVD Remote let them control the playback from capsules and handhelds.

The Cons

Cyberlink offers support for the PowerDVD software for just quite one or two years or until the End Of Life date as marked by Cyberlink on a new version. Therefore if any user is predisposed to utilize the blu-ray options after the end of life date, then he would no longer be ready to do so but would get asked to buy the succeeding newer version of the software at a discounted rate from the internet site. This turns out to be dear and unaffordable.Subtitles that come up on videos that are played by the Cyberlink PowerDVD software have a low quality and resolving power.

There is no option available for a user to set his preferred language for the software. DVD audio support has been removed from Version 11 of this software. Allegations that version 9 and 10 of the software have brusquely removed the support for DVD audio continue being prevalent.

With all, it can be attested that it's worth buying Cyberlink PowerDVD software after providing oneself of the downsides that might be challenged later on!

This article on Cyberlink PowerDVD has been created by Mary Anne. She has been a PowerDVD buff since the releasing of the initial versions of the software in the latter 1990s. Facts stated here are based totally on her personal experience with utilizing the software. Please feel free to post feedback and ask questions to her through her internet site.