Various Features Of Home Theater Systems

Yamaha YHT-S401BL Home Theater System Review

Those who have been waiting to get a home theater system now have more choices in a wide price range. The speakers add sound quality and better tone to the production. Those designed with USB ports to allow convenient access for an iPhone or other equipment are in high demand.

Things to Know about the Yamaha YHT-S401BL Home Theater System

Shoppers typically review a variety of products when considering speaker sound and performance. The oval center speaker featured on the Yamaha YHT-S401BL home theater system produces volume clarity for a wide area. Deep tones from the subwoofer provide clear bass levels. It is just a matter of choosing which of the six surround modes fits the style of music a person wants to listen to on this system. Consumers may admire the system and walk away, as a noted disadvantage is the price.

Two particular advantages stand out and mark this product as superior. The constant challenge of keeping commercials at the same level as shows is conquered with this system. Instead of keeping the remote close at hand to adjust sound just set one level. The second is an easy-access USB digital connection aimed at those with an iPod or iPhone that wish to increase their listening experience.

Why the ZVOX 4003201 Z-Base 320 Sound System Fits its Surroundings

The ZVOX Z-Base 320 sound system 4003201 is another example of how creative the industry can be when providing what the public wants. The magnificent volume sent from the minimal space of this unit is amazing. Its compact size still is able to hold the subwoofer while providing excellent amplification. The USB connection is easy to access on the front of the wood housing. It is also used to enhance computer audio and increase sound delivery from streamed videos and programs.

This unit does not have to be mounted on the wall. The speakers deliver the audio quality expected from more expensive models of surround sound systems. It is almost as good as taking in a movie at the theater. One of the best things about this system is that programming the remote control is simple. Programming the remote sometimes requires the dish or cable receiver and the TV to be turned off while it is done.

The ZVOX 4002201 Z-Base 220 Sound System Fits Nearly Anywhere

The 4002201 Z-Base 220 sound system by ZVOX fits comfortably on a narrow shelf or right under some TVs without losing integrity. The aesthetic sleek look offers a single clutter-free unit that provides quality sound without the need of exterior speakers. There is a preprogrammed remote with the unit or your own remote can be programmed for compatibility.

One feature keeps commercials at a volume level equal to that of the program. The system is designed to provide unique audio performance with maximum clarity. The treble speakers provide concise audio performance. To maximize quality tone and delivery from the bass speaker, position the unit to allow sound to flow from the bottom of the unit.

It is safe to conclude that any of these examples offer useful features. One concern is whether the satellite or cable system remote has the ability to work with the additional sound system. Gamers particularly benefit from the distinguishing clarity of sound. USB ports that provide compatibility with laptop and desktop computers are convenient features.