Common Limitations Of Home Theater Systems

Samsung HT-E4500 HTIB Home Theater System Review

There is no doubt that home theater systems have been a significant part of the electronic industry for a considerable amount of time now.The reason for their popularity is that they make people’s lives much easier.They allow individuals and families to avoid the hassle of going to a cinema and can instead watch their favorite films in the comfort of their homes.

In addition to this, even the most mundane of shows and movies can be made more enjoyable if there is a home theater system installed.Consider the fact that many people use their home theater systems to improve their sports watching experience at home.The surround sound quality and greater sound clarity that home theater systems offer can make crucial matches much more immersive for viewers.

The evolution of the home theater system has been pretty awesome since the first device was made available.The modern day home theater systems are marvels of technology even though the first variants were quite simple.

The reason for this evolution was competition amongst various manufacturers.This competitive nature compelled manufacturers to improve their products.What is surprising, however, is that a lot of home theater systems these days have the same limitations.

Even though most home theater systems found within the market provide great sound quality, they can also be found to have flaws with regard to networking and connectivity.Take for example the Samsung HT-E4500 HTIB home theater system.This home theater system is very popular mainly because of its sound quality and the fact that it is so compact.As a matter of fact, the sound quality is its primary selling point.

Even so, despite being such a perfect home theater system, this device still suffers connectivity problems.There are no HDMI ports on this home theater system and its networking features have bugs in them.Owners of this system report the need for constant reboots and updating as the networking functions of the device cause a lot of problems.

Another highly regarded home theater system in its price bracket which exhibits the same flaws as above is the Samsung HTIB home theater system HT-E350.Everything from the technical side of this home theater system to the actual sound it creates is good, except for the connectivity side of things.While there is an HDMI output in this home theater system, it does not have an HDMI input which means that many televisions cannot be connected to it.This means that many owners with televisions that require such configurations would find themselves unable to use this device properly.

The PHIT84BK tower speaker system by Pyle Home can also be taken as an example which conforms to this trend.When it comes to its primary functions i.e. good sound quality, this device excels.Unfortunately, its phone docking system, according to many owners of this device, starts showing problems too soon.This is a problem related to connectivity that should ideally not occur with this device because it relies on using other devices to play music.

Essentially, home theater manufacturers do not really pay a lot of attention to the networking and connectivity side of their devices.The focus, instead, is on the primary functions of the devices which is the sound quality in terms of clarity and sustainability.