How To Choose A Laptop

You needs are the most important factor to consider when buying a laptop. If you only need word processing and internet connection, a netbook or notebook will suffice. Here are the things you should check when buying a laptop.

Battery Life and Durability

This will determine how long you can work without an electric socket around. All battery performance in a laptop varies depending on the amount apps and software on at a given time. Another aspect of laptop battery that you should check on laptop reviews is its rate of depreciation in performance.

Weight and size of the Laptop

If you are buying a laptop, the size matter very much because smaller laptops usually have limited specs. The laptop you want should be portable but at the same time cater to all your computing needs. The weight must be minimized because they that’s what hurts you back and the screen size should be maximized to prevent eye strain.


The processor is the biggest determinant of a laptop’s speed. Look at the sticker on what type of processor a laptop has on the lower right part of the keyboard. You should check the internet for comments about the processor’s performance.

The Memory of your Laptop

The memory is next to the processor in importance because it also determines performance of the laptop. Gamers should consider the type of graphics memory that is built into the best laptops.

CD drives

If you don’t really use the CD drives, you can go for the smaller netbooks. Larger laptops have a built in CD drive which allows you to install directly from the software developer’s CD. To know more about laptop specs and how to choose the best one, visit here.