The concept of networking is nothing new in the world of business where having a linked computer system is critical to the functionality of the organisation – but it’s becoming increasingly common in the home environment too.

And don’t think it’s just the ‘work-from-home’ category who are driving this demand, say Perth Computer Repairs, a leading provider of server installation in Perth.  “It’s anyone who wants to share hardware resources like hard drives, printers and scanners, it’s anyone who wants to send files from one computer to another, share files, photos or movies, and it’s anyone who wants to connect all the devices in the home to internet by a single line.  But how does one go about a network and server installation – do you call in the experts or to you go the DIY route?

Well, if you’re planning on going it alone, a quick online search for ‘server installation perth’ throws up an enormous number of results containing advice and instructions for setting up a home network.

But unless you’re a computer fundi, it may be quicker, easier and more reliable to call in the experts to do your network setup.

Because a home network setup isn’t just about linking devices and blue cables.  Things like protecting data, installing firewalls, restricting access, backup etc all have to be taken into consideration with any network setup process.

Experienced professionals will have the answers about server installation, they’ll make recommendations for network hardware, computer hardware, software and peripherals, and they’ll design a system that will be secure, compatible and configured for future growth.

So for the best outcome when it comes to server installation and network set up, Perth-based computer consultants, Century ITC recommend that you ditch the DIY and get professional help.