Are you battling with a slow computer?

Are odd messages popping up all over the place?

Are applications on your computer not working correctly and are you battling with programs that are very slow to open?

If you’re nodding your head vigorously...then it’s highly likely your computer has a virus infection which is not only extremely frustrating, but can be highly dangerous too, says a leader in virus protection in Perth, Western Australia.

After an infected program or attachment has been opened and the virus introduced to the computer, there will be some warning signals (eg a slow computer, inaccessible disk drives etc) – but in some instances, damage will have been done before any signs appear, say Perth Computer Repairs.  The vast majority of viruses are just plain annoying – but there is a sinister side which can involve serious issues such as tracking your system usage, identity theft, banking theft etc.

So, what’s the best way to remove a virus?

As a first resort, you can look at some of the free virus removal software available (eg AVG, Microsoft, Symantec) which will do a good job of cleaning up your computer and keeping it clean.

But the commercial anti-virus software packages will generally have more features than the free ones, and are a better bet for spyware removal and for ongoing, comprehensive virus protection.

But even virus protection software isn’t impregnable and there are some viruses, Trojans and worms that can actually disable your software when your system is infected.  A system of regular computer servicing with professional help is recommended for optimum protection.

There’s clearly no easy answer and everyone will have a different view on which virus protection software is the best.  However, if your computer is unprotected, the one certainty is that you will get a virus and you will experience problems, say Perth Computer Repairs.  When it comes to virus protection, prevention is definitely better than cure!.