Making The Most Out Of Your Home Theater System

Panasonic SC-BTT195 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Review

It's no surprise that many want to replicate the sound of a theater in the comfort of their own home, and the new SC-BTT195 Panasonic bluray home theater system is as close as it gets. First of all, it gives you that clear theater like sound along with 3D imagery. In addition to that it integrates a number of smart networking functions from DLNA, Wireless LAN, digital connections for the iPhone/iPod. Along with that, the system can even use a smartphone as a remote.

The BTT195 produces a highly impressive sound using 30 real and virtual speakers. No matter where you happen to have positioned your speakers, you will find that the sound appears to come from the correct direction. In the interest of reducing noise distortion, the system features an anti-jitter amplifier.

Obviously we have discussed the benefits, but what about the disadvantages? One issue is the proprietary system. Though it might not be a problem for you immediately, it will definitely be an issue later on. If the system should become damaged, for example, proprietary replacement parts can be rather expensive. This will of course encompass the inputs, plugs, and wireless adapter. While this might be a deal breaker for some, others will not have a problem with it.

With the Yamaha home theater system YHT-497 you will obviously have lots of benefits like HD audio decoding, Dobly Digital Plus, and much more. Users will be able to connect their iPod or smartphone to the system using the front loading USB ports.

As with any product there are downsides, and in this case it has to do with the resolution change. A black screen issue has led to support calls, and support states the best way to resolve is to change the device resolution. One well known fact however is that the resolution can only be changed by switching over to an HD channel.

Because home speaker systems often fail to fit a certain lifestyle, they are dismissed. Individuals with smaller homes never tend to enjoy the larger systems. Naturally there are smaller systems available, but they do not always measure up. The benefit of the SC-HTB350 audio system by Panasonic however is that it tends to reproduce natural tones with minimal distortion.

Along with that, the Panasonic SC-HTB350 Audio System features detachable speakers and a slim exterior. You can even use the wall mount for a horizontal setup. You can listen to your favorite music via Bluetooth devices like Android or iPhone. You can even enjoy your home theater sound when the TV is turned off! The Panasonic SC-HTB350 Audio System is second to none and a great addition to your home.

There are downsides of course, the most common complaint being subpar sound. In addition to that, WiFi connectivity is not always great. While these are very real complaints, many consider it to be a good sound system.