AppAssure Virtual Backup

At some point, especially in business, you are going to find that you need to perform a virtual backup. We are living in a world where the digital realm is a more suitable storage space than any other, but it is also more susceptible to loss. Paper documents are obviously susceptible to fire, but virtual backups can be hacked, infected, or potentially stolen if stored improperly. That said, you should ensure you have a good virtual backup system.

What is AppAssure?

AppAssure is a great, high end virtual backup system that works in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. The best part of course is that the software features unified backup replication along with recovery in a single software package. In the old days it would be necessary to purchase a few different software packages if you wanted that many levels of functionality. This was always expensive, and sometimes led to compatibility issues.

Along with offering an all inclusive package, you will discover that AppAssure can move beyond file system limitations. These files can be easily replicated, and it will all be protected through a single management console.

In addition to the easy to use system, you will also find that it offers live recovery, or instant recovery of your entire server using a backup. AppAssure is also cheaper in that it provides independent machine to machine backup rather than calling for identical standby machines. Not only is this more convenient for you, it will also save your company a considerable amount of money in the long run. Within this system there are 288 recovery points saved each day, ensuring that you can always go back.

If your backup file should become corrupted, then you will be glad to know that AppAssure automated recovery verification ensures near-zero data loss. If you really want to run a successful business, then this is software you cannot live without!

The days of tape backups and file cabinets are long gone, and virtual backup has made great strides. As we move toward the dream of a paperless society, we are forced to make changes. There will be some difficulties, of course, but they will be worth the trouble. The law does state you need to keep certain things on file, especially when tax season rolls around.

If you're ready to move on to something that works, then this is the time to investigate a brand new backup solution. The system you need is just over the horizon. Invest some time and money, and your virtual backup will save you.