Choosing A Tablet

As the tablet market grows and choices become greater, it can be difficult to determine which tablet is most suitable for our needs and which fits our budget. For some, a tablet designed primarily for media consumption is sufficient while others require an optimized tablet capable of handling heavy-duty tasks on the go. Here is a quick look at how the tablets stack up in terms of features, pricing, and portability.

Best Affordable Tablet

Google Nexus 7 - $199: Scheduled for release at the end of July the Nexus 7 offers great features and value pricing. While there are several economy tablets on the market, including Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Samsung’s Galaxy, none compare to Google’s little powerhouse of a tablet which comes equipped with a speedy 1.3 GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor and a brilliant 216 ppi.
As far as we are concerned, Google is the winner on all counts - pricing, features, and portability. If there is a negative point to this easy-to-hold tablet it’s the limited storage – only 8G or 16G and no expandable choices. That notwithstanding, this is a fine tablet for on-the-go media enthusiasts and mobile users.

Best Hybrid Tablet

Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro - $795?: Although no one knows exactly how much the Microsoft tablet/PC hybrid is going to cost our guess is based on the company’s assertion that pricing will be “comparable to ultrabooks.”
Even with the potential sticker shock the Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro is an impressive piece of machinery. It comes with the Windows 8 full operating system, digital inking, Touch/Type Cover options, front and back cameras, build-in kickstand, and stereo speaker.
This 10.6” Microsoft device seems designed to give users the best that the PC and a tablet have to offer. We are expecting that the Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro will be ideal for those who like some frills (cover/keyboard, digital inking, USB 3.0), who enjoy using their tablet for entertainment, and who need to be able to take on heavy-duty tasks on the go.

Best of the Best

iPad 3rd Generation - $499+: Apple is clearly the frontrunner that everyone is trying to beat. Whether the Nexus 7 or the Surface Pro will take some of Apple’s market share remains to be seen, but they – like all the other tablets before them, are basically chasing after the iPad, looking for the great idea that will help them take the lead.
Apple built its reputation on innovation. They were the first to introduce a tablet to the market place and they’ve continued to improve on their product with each new generation.
Those looking for a sleek, beautifully designed product that “just works” and offers the mobility consumers are looking for won’t be disappointed with an iPad. And if Apple does come out with the long-rumored iPad mini, the Nexus 7 may be doomed to a Zune-like fate.