Samsung Series 9 NP900X3D-A01US – Sleek Ultrabook For Mobility Purpose

The Series 9 is striking to check out, it sets reduced performance standard. With fast startup speeds and almost instantaneous resume coming from snooze, the Series 9 allows you to get a lot more done leaving almost every other PC inside the airport lounge or conference room behind. The Series 9 it not just a laptop, it's actually a game changer. From your moment you open the Series 9 be ready to savor the help of the wow factor. Solid state drives mean you are able to boot in as quickly as 8.4 seconds, and cargo applications with the speed of whiplash. Now let’s read Samsung NP900X3D-A01US Review before buying it.


SuperBright Plus 400 nit displays are approximately two times as bright as standard ultrabook screens, and reproduce approximately 16 million colors. Another excuse the modern Samsung Series 9 is stunning both inside and outside. Samsung's PowerPlus charging technology and advanced Lithium-Polymer battery features a lifespan as much as 3 x beyond a standard battery, lasting approximately 9 hours using one charge.


The Samsung 13.3" Series 9 posseses an unmatched viewing angle at 170 degrees boasting HD+ technology. With HD+, fit much more of whatever you really would like on your own screen and do less scrolling. Another thing you need to understand, this laptop doesn’t possess a adult size LAN port, because of its thin form. Nevertheless it has incredibly solid building featuring its aluminum cover. You'll have to utilize the provided small LAN port in order to hook up with your wireless network.


The Samsung Series 9 NP900X3D-A01US includes a HDMI, mini LAN, and USB 3.0, USB 2.0 ports. You may even make use of the laptop to charge a computer device via its configured port using the laptop’s utility. It’s worthwhile for me personally thus far, since i charge my cellular phone or mp3 music player without switching on my small laptop. Close to USB ports it has an Files slot overall, this Samsung 9 A01US laptop is just a cute machine. This can be a solid machine, as being a MacBook air, you are able to open the superior without the need for the opposite hand to maintain the bottom still, nothing like 2011 model.



  • The particular display screen will be beautiful, quite vivid and has good color reproduction
  • Wi-fi signal is powerful and that i haven't experienced dropped connection
  • You will find there's little to none noise fan it gets to be a little hot at the base
  • Speakers sound surprisingly great for this kind of thin machine
  • I cannot reply to life of the battery yet however i think I will squeeze Six hours as a result
  • I have not used the touchpad too long since i always employ a mouse however tested and delay better that others I've used
  • The laptop keyboard is accurate plus it feels nice to touch, the backlight is soft, you'll be able to barely find it with lights on. If only it turned out brighter



  • The metal is apparently painted as an alternative to anodized or polished
  • The SSD is quite poor the SanDisk U100. But it's still faster compared to a regular mechanical HDD
  • The quality just isn't as good as being a MacBook, however it is pretty much as near as possible right this moment



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