The Embedded PC Market Survey For Now And For The Future

I was always curious how developers select the PC system that may finely run their application. What are their knowledge sources? What are the traits and primary necessities they are having a look at Embedded PC systems Among engineers, Are brands are significant and who are the market leaders and if you are dealing with the local rep or distribution what do you expect from him. And most vitally how professional see the Embedded PC market is 5 Years.

In our days, it could not be easier to make such survey among pro online.

The survey includes 3 main subjects that may technically concern the engineer ?before, during the development stage Technical issues and pre-sale issues and the future?

Technical snarl ups

- Design type - AMD, Intel, Free Scale, or ARM.

- Form Factor -ATCA, COM EXPRESS, cPCI, mTCA, ETX, Mini ITX, PC104, PXI, PXI-E or VPX

- The Key Traits that effect choosing the form factor? Size, Variety of solutions Technical issues, Time to market or is it ?just cost?

- Operating systems -Android, Embedded ?Linux, Embedded Windows, QNX, RTX, VXWORKS

- Brands? Who are the most familiar? Who is the leader?

Pre-sale issues

- Pre-sale issue and tech support - Immediately with the creation, Through the Local REP ?or Through Different sources.

- Data source - Thru Net Search, Convention, Webinars, Trade-Show, pro forum, Social media

- Brands Who are the most recognizable? Who is the leader?

And Future - Where do you see the Inserted P.C market in 5 years?

This survey is valid to numerous fields that use Inserted Personal computer systems like military-and-aerospace, Building automation and security, ATM OS and Kiosks Factory automation, Medical and health-care, Telecom and IT, Maritime and others.

Embedded Computer review would like to hear any individual that is related to the Inserted P.C market, Users and manufacturers. The Survey is nameless, Not backed by anyone ? or by any organization and the results will be printed for anybody on our site. Take part in the Inserted PC survey.

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