Making Your Computer Like New For Free

All these years that you have been using your PC, surfing the Internet and installing programs on your computer, you create what are called temporary files and most likely you could have picked up some Spyware, Adware or Viruses. Now I will give you a couple of steps to simply clean your PC and to bring the speed and performance back, in other words "make it like new". You can also check out and check out all the related articles there to help you further with your needs.

How to Uninstall any programs that are not being used or so that you can free up some disk space. You have to go to the control panel and once in there you will then click on add/remove programs. Which will then show you a list of programs that have been installed on your PC over the years. You basically go and see what you don't need or if they are trial versions you simply highlight and remove.How is the program automatically loading in the background? There are two ways and I will explain them to you now. Do your research to select a good laptop.

Click on Start menu, then go to programs and then to the Startup Folder. You will then see what's being loaded when you start your computer and if it's not important then delete the items from loading. Most are not that important. Once you delete them they will go in your Recycle Bin so if you restart you're PC and you changed your mind about deleteing something, then you can restore that file back.Go to the Start Button and click on Run. You will have to type msconfig and press enter. From the tab area you choose the startup tab. Now there will be a list of files in that tab you can dither uncheck the file to be on the safe side or if you know for sure you don't need it then you simply uncheck the file and it won't load. If you are not sure about a file then you can research the file on the Internet and it will tell you what it does.

How to Download ATF Cleaner 3.0.02 it's free you can go on the Internet and search for it. You download the file and run it; you don't have to install it because it is a simple but effective program. Run the program and you will see a list of options you simply select all and clean. Unless you want a certain topic not to be cleaned then you don't check mark it. This will increase the overall performance of the PC and especially surfing the Internet. Check the Internet for the power of the computer.

How Running Disk Defragmenter on your hard drive. This will basically reorganize your PC and put your file from A-Z so that when you want something it doesn't have to go looking for it and all the files will be together. You go to Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and Disk Defragmenter. Click on analyze and then follow the instruction and run the defragment. Now if you haven't done this it will take a while for it to finish. Make sure when doing this to have all your programs closed and you are not using your PC till it is done you can pause it but try and do it when you don't need the PC. When the program is finished for its first time run the program again as it will organize another set of files. One can always visit for more information.