Choosing The Best Laptop Specs

It is important that the right laptop is chosen to compliment the lifestyle of the user. Laptop software will vary depending on the users' needs. The casual user will more than likely use the laptop for such things as household accounts, recipes, gaming or just surfing the net. There are also a few ways to obtain a laptop if you cannot afford to purchase one. Here are a few tips to help you decipher which laptop specs are the best for the casual user.

RAM is the laptops' memory. For the casual user, 1 GB of memory should be enough to suffice. 1 GB is the usual standard for any laptop using Windows XP. If the laptop chosen runs Vista, then 2 GB of RAM is recommended. Make sure that the RAM can be upgraded in case the workload increases and more memory is needed for future use.The Processor is the nerve center of the laptop. The Intel Atom Processor is recommended for surfing the net. If more than this is needed, then you may want to choose the Intel Core2 Duo with 2 GHz. The Core2 can be purchased with more GHz if the need arises. Visit for more information.

The hard disk is the storage space for the laptop. If frequent downloading is intended, 160GB should be purchased; otherwise, 80GB would be a sufficient amount of storage space. The Weight of the laptop is another consideration. If this is to be a mobile laptop, then a light weight model should be chosen. Netbooks are very portable and normally weigh approximately 3 pounds or less. This item can be used for chat, net surfing or catching up on email.If working with a budget, a quality laptop can be chosen for a reasonable price. Netbooks are usually on sale and are very convenient. Various brands of laptops can be purchased on sale. The reason being is that technology advances so quickly that when a new model is presented, the older model price lowers.

If trying to find a laptop offer, there are companies who use sponsors to fund their organization by advertising a laptop computer on their website. Make use of your local library's computers. They will usually have internet connection. Certain offers will have to be completed for the laptop to be sent to you. The organization may ask for 2-3 offers to be completed; once the offers are complete, the laptop will be sent.There are student programs where some college campuses will offer a laptop computer for students who cannot afford one. These flyers are usually posted around the student common areas such as the student affairs office or the campus library. Visit for more details.