A Comparison Between Laptops And Notebooks

Now, what once sat on your study table now easily fits in your hands. Portable computer are very popular now but users are still confused between a laptop and a notebook. These two terms are being used as synonyms however; there is a considerable difference between laptops and notebooks. In such a technology aware environment one should be clear about such minor things. Have a look at the power of the computer.

A notebook is also a portable computer like a laptop, but they are lighter and slimmer. They usually have a better battery life than laptops which is a result of using low power consuming processors like Atom and AMD APU. Notebooks don't really have high graphics processing hence not suitable for gaming and HD movies. Laptops can have very high performance graphics along with faster and bigger processors. The screen size for notebooks varies from 12 to 14 inches while laptops can have bigger screens that range from 14 to 17 inches. Click here for more details.

Notebooks don't have CD or Floppy drives, this is done to cut down the thickness of the computer. Laptops have both CD and floppy drives and hence are a little bulkier. Using the keyboard on a notebook can be troublesome if you have big hands since the size is kept minimal while preserving the functionality. Laptops unlike notebooks are generally upgradable for RAM, graphics and hard drives, while hardware up gradation on notebooks is not possible. Laptops even have advanced connectivity options which are absent in notebooks. In terms of sound quality through default speakers, a laptop owns a notebook any day, both in output and quality.

In a nutshell, laptops stand for high performance with higher energy consumption, while notebooks are portable and give a better battery backup. A better understanding of two would help you choose the right one for you. So mark your requisites and start looking accordingly. All sorts of top rated, cheap new laptops and Mini Notebook Computers can be purchased online from laptopcentral.org. Here you will find the best deals on portable computers along with express one day delivery option.

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