Various Types Of Computer Screens

It was quite some time after the introduction of the desktop that the laptop came into the scene and was called so because of the ease of placing it on one's lap instead of on the desk. Although most people regard laptop computers as superior, its actually the other way round because the laptop can perform the same functions of the desktop PC such as ezone including that of connecting to the internet and listening to music and watching movies although the desktop is better when it comes to creating graphics and video editing etc, because of having more RAM and screen capacity. Laptop computers are also more expensive but being portable they have become very popular.

These advancements have lead to a change in the computer monitor as well with the CRT screen of the desktop being replaced by technically advanced screens such as the LCD monitor and the LED monitor. With modern computers converting to TVs and Home theatres, the computer monitor has a major role to play as far as screen resolution, size of screen and picture quality goes. Although people hardly bothered about the monitor of the old desktop that came with a CRT screen, this is hardly the case when it comes to the latest LCD Monitor with its backlighting to provide bright rich colors perfect for watching high definition movies, and hardcore gaming.

Gamers will debate for hours as to which monitor is better for gaming with a high percentage voting for the LED Monitor in view of its brighter screen and contrast ratio that provides clear, detailed graphics while built in speakers offer awesome sound effects as well. Both types however are extremely popular at present not in the least due to their sleek lines and high quality images but also in view of their energy saving features.But this is not the end of modern computer screens because we now have the latest invention which is the technologically wonderful touch screen monitor that has become the latest rage in the world of digital gadgets such as smart phones and Tablet PCs. People can also turn to the online computer support.

It surely won't be long before everyone gets rid of their LCD and LED monitors to own a touch screen monitor, that would hopefully have an integrated keyboard which would be the perfect device to have not only for simple tasks such as checking e-mails and surfing the web but also to carry out more important work such as creating reports and spreadsheets as is possible on the desktop PC. One can always visit for more information.