A Look At The Dyson DC 39 Vacuum

There are so many vacuum cleaners available at the moment but there is one that everyone is talking about at the moment and that is the Dyson DC39 Multi Floor.

Lets take a look at a few of the good things about this vacuum cleaner and then when we have finished we will take a look at a couple of things that could be better with it.

The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum is a good vacuum cleaner for people that have different levels of flooring. It has a self-adjusting head that automatically changes its level depending on the floor that you are vacuuming at the time. The head of this great little canister vacuum seals in the suction to give it better performance when it is cleaning.

One of the very unique features of this canister vacuum is the Dyson Ball technology. This Dyson ball technology means that the main weight of the vacuum cleaner and all of its components are enclosed in a hard plastic ball, which forms the main part of the vacuum cleaner. This means that the center of gravity of the vacuum is kept down low giving it better maneuverability making it easier to steer the DC39 around furniture.

One of the main things that could be better with this vacuum cleaner is the vacuuming head is not very good for getting long pet hair out of the carpet. But there is another model that is named the DC39 Animal which does a much better job because it has a animal head brush that digs into your carpet to remove hair. It is also quite light so it can be carried up and down stairs easily and really this vacuum cleaner is in a whole league of its own. There is also a dusting attachment that you can get as an extra accessory, which is good for dusting furniture and things around the home.

Overall the Dyson DC39 Multi Floor is a great all round vacuum that would suit most people - it really is a great machine.