Things To Know When Puchasing A Computer

The Apple iMac which became the first of its kind where the ezone computer monitor and processor were integrated into one had a cathode ray tube at the start. But the all in one PC never became that popular especially with the advent of the LCD computer monitor with all components inbuilt into the base of the display screen. The first thing you should look for in a computer monitor is the resolution which is based on the number of pixels it has. Today, it's the LCD monitor that is on the top of the list, mostly because of its size and also in view of the clear, bright images it displays on the screen.

What is more important however is the processor which holds the key to the performance of your computer, its speed and multitasking abilities and what capabilities it has when it comes to a question of upgrading it. For instance, if you need additional computer RAM or wish to have a better sound card added; much will depend on the quality of the processor. When you take all these into consideration, you cannot do better than choose an Intel Core i7 which cannot be beaten for a super fast performance. If you feel that the price is too high for you, there's the Intel i5 which is not far behind performance wise.

If you're thinking of adding computer RAM, first find out how much the computer has and decide how much you will need for your work or entertainment. A heavy gamer will obviously need more RAM and this will also depend on your operating system; i.e. Windows XP, Windows 7 or Vista or the Microsoft office 2010 product key. Whatever these systems provide are sufficient for surfing, e-mailing and documentation. But for RAM intensive programs such as photo editing and gaming, you will have to find out what those particular programs require before installing the new computer RAM.

As for other components such as a Graphics Card and Sound Card, think carefully before buying them. Most modern computers have the sound card technology inbuilt into the motherboard which is usually quite sufficient for your day to day audio requirements even if you're a dedicated music fan. You should go for a more powerful sound card only if your needs are more professional. The same can be said for the Graphics Card. Unless you're a very serious gamer or into video editing in a big way. What you already have in the computer should be sufficient for your needs. One can also visit for more details.