How To Speed Up Windows 7

Some users want speed and not the extravagant features. Here are some PC Help tips with the help of which you can reduce the glitz of Windows 7 product key. However you need to also ensure that you have the right configuration for Windows 7. You need to be sure that you have got all requirements like 1GHz processor, 1GB main memory, 16GB disk space, DVD drive and DX9 Graphics support (128 MB memory). If your computer configuration fulfills the minimum requirement needed for Windows 7 performance you can try some computer help tips and tricks so that you can speed up Windows 7. One can also pay attention to the Microsoft office 2010 product key.

You go to start, open System properties performance control. Then look for visual effects tab. There you would find the option animate windows when minimizing and maximizing. Then uncheck the box which is next to that button. Some visual effects are also there. Find out the ones that are not required. Those visual effects can be disabled. Uncheck the boxes which would be next to these options in order to deactivate these. As you disable each visual effect the speed increases. If you want to get rid of Aero interface then right click desktop. Some prompts will pop up, from which you need to select personalize. Thereafter scroll down and select theme which you do not want.

Experts opine that Windows boots needs to be tweaked. It boots up with one processor. In case you have more than one the settings can be changed in order to speed it up. On Windows 7 you might get several avoidable services which are installed by default on the system. These types of unnecessary services consume memory space thereby slowing down the system. You should find them out and disable them as quickly as possible.

If you want to disable them you go to start, open run, in blank space services.msc needs to be typed and press enter.Always remove unnecessary programs and files. All these occupy disk space which is required to enhance computer performance. This can be done from Add or Remove Programs. After this you just need to run Windows built-in Disk Cleanup that would clear the junk files from the system. You can also click here for more tips.