In today’s fast-paced world where instant gratification is the norm and where technology has become the essential framework, when something goes wrong with our computers, we want them !

But finding an IT consultant can sometimes be the hardest part of the problem.  And often, when you do manage to locate someone, they don’t meet your to avoid disappointment, delays and dodgy IT services, Perth based Domain Digital suggested the following checkpoints so that the next time your technology is troublesome, you have the right resources in place.

Fast service.  No-one can wait for a week to have their computer repaired.  It’s either same-day service or it’s someone else.

Guaranteed results. Don’t settle for anything less than an undertaking that if the problem isn’t fixed – they won’t charge you for it.

Remote IT services. In many instances, computer problems are relatively simple to sort out, so make sure that your IT company offers a remote repairs option ie fixing your computer via the web rather than waiting for a call-out.

Set appointment times.  No-one has the time to wait around all day – so make sure your IT consultant can make (and stick to) a specific time.

Being prepared. Ever been stranded with a broken appliance for ages, only to find that when the technician arrives to fix it, they don’t have the necessary parts or the equipment ?  Well, that happens with an IT company too....unless of course, you choose a service provider who comes prepared!.

Get the lowdown from clients.  Before you make a commitment, check out a few references from existing clients of the computer repairs and It company, Perth consultant, Domain Digital says.  Personal recommendations are always the best route to take.

Don’t take shortcuts when choosing an IT company – they’re an invaluable resource to a business or to an individual.  You never know when you’re going to need them, so it’s really worth establishing a good relationship with a reputable IT consultant so if the proverbial hits the fan, you’re well prepared.