Getting Access To The Computer Repair Service

The computer experts from Long Island are proficient in everything Windows AND Mac. Yes, besides fixing your Windows computer or laptop, they will fix your Mac computer or laptop as well! Not many repair shops offer this, as most concentrate specifically on Windows PCs. One can also use the Windows phones.

They are proud to offer many services for your computers. Are you being plagued by viruses and spyware? Worry no longer. All you have to do is bring your computer to them, and long gone are any viruses, trojans, and spyware you may have. Is your computer home or office network in need of repair? Broken paths in a networking configuration can be a hassle when you don't know what to do for it. Many homes as well as businesses, rely on their networking capability for the simplicity of file sharing and more. If you don't have networking set up, they offer network consulting and design and will set it up for you. Their expertise lies in wired as well as wireless networks. One can also check online for more details.

We all know the horror of turning on our computers and getting the blue screen of death or even worse: a damaged hard drive. When was the last time we backed up our valuable information? Business contacts, agreements, proposals, accounts receivable, etc. gone! Personal family photos and other information you may have. All long gone. Or are they? How about a reputable company who can retrieve and recover your data for you, at a very affordable price? Offered as well by their sister company Cyberview Technologies are digital video security systems.

View and hear your business anytime of day, through a computer browser or your cellphone. Using a security system provides peace of mind for you for your business as well as your home. Cyberview Technologies has over 25 years in the digital video security arena, and you will be glad to see what goes on when you aren't at home, or at the office. One can also get access to the online computer support.

Long Island Computer Repair never looked so sweet. In addition to their repertoire is iPhone screen repair/replacement. They will fix your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Airbook, Macbook Pro and more.As you can see, you have the option of bringing your computer for repairs to one location, your Mac to another, your iPhone to a third one: or you head over to the one location that does it all! Located in Long Beach, NY, Long Island Computer Consultants is easy to get to wherever you are originating from, and it well worth the drive.