Dyson DC35 – Detailed Review

The Dyson DC35 is a great little handheld cordless vacuum cleaner. It has been marketed as the strongest handheld vacuum of all time but in the review we will have a look at the pros and cons of this machine.


The DC35 is a great vacuum for anyone who is busy and really does not want to spend a lot of time vacuuming. The Li Ion battery that is uses for power is fully charged in 3 hours but as this is a serious machine the battery only lasts for 15 minutes of vacuuming time.

Some people think that fifteen minutes is more than enough time to vacuum your house, but this really does depend on the size of your house. This may be seen as a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. This vacuum cleaner is really very convenient to use - so you may often find yourself vacuuming more that usual due to how easy this vacuum cleaner is to use.

Another great thing about this vacuum cleaner is it is so easy to move around and under furniture.



Holding the trigger constantly can give you a bit of a sore hand. One more thing that could be improved on this machine is the actual design of the charging of the Dyson DC35 slim. It would be really good if you could get a pass through charge happening so that you could vacuum while it was plugged in - but I guess it would not be cordless then. One more thing that could be better regarding the Dyson DC35 digitial slim multi floor vacuum cleaner is it's cost. It is a rather expensive vacuum cleaner but I guess in the end you get what you pay for and this thing does rock. Happy Vacuuming!