Different Types Of Computers

A desktop Computer with the Microsoft office 2010 product key, I think most of us can safely say is something we have all heard about and seen too. Well, some think of them as old fashion monstrosities that should be thrown on the garbage dump. But for me, they are the best there is, not only because they have a large amount of disk space, loads easily and quickly, has slick graphic engines and has user friendly accessories such as a keyboard and mouse but has also a wide screen to make working large documents and spreadsheets pretty easy. One can also check online for the Apple repairs.

A Laptop Computer as the name suggests, is just that, provided your lap does not get too heated up while you're working on it with the device placed on your lap. College kids and young executives used to love carrying them around although they have now turned to the Tablet PC; but that's entirely a different story. A Laptop Computer is also far more expensive but is not effective as a desktop because it has limited and space, unless you upgrade it to suite your needs. Its biggest attraction is its portability, inbuilt monitor and keyboard with the keys all mashed together. A Notebook Computer is not much different from a laptop, apart from being ultra small and almost the size of a real notebook and provides the attachment of a CD Rom via cable since it has no inbuilt unit.

The love affair with the laptop is now in the vane with many turning their interests to the Tablet PC which is the latest craze among computer users. One unique difference is that you can write on its screen by using a special stylus pen which when saved, turns into computer text automatically. A Tablet PC does not have a keyboard or mouse and is therefore not suitable for heavy work such as documentation and designing. A Server computer on the other hand is one that provides certain facilities to clients and can have software and hardware capabilities that can be shared on a network. A Server computer usually has a very good processor and can deliver high powered performance.

A workstation computer is basically a desktop PC but with advanced features and applications for the creation of 2D & 3D graphics etc. It is designed to handle higher work loads and the primary difference in a desktop and Workstation computer is that the latter has more power and can be used for special applications. As you can see, there are various types of computers and many more to come I guess; so its time we geared ourselves to live in a computer world if we know what's good for us.