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corsair vengeance 1500 I just bought the 1300's. That is primarily precisely the same matter as 1500 with out corsair vengeance 1500 additional USB and software for sound. Very first the great component they sound exceptional with my Xonar DG sound credit card. Great flat eq response! You gotta run these corsair vengeance 1500 which has a great sound card or very good on board audio in order to faucet into their complete corsair vengeance 1500 prospective. Now the undesirable element their very uncomfortable. They genuinely dug into my skull right under ear. Horrible when I use them with Workforce converse or Skype. An additional point they produced my ears sweat, however I assume thats being expected with headsets which have noise cancelling. I ended up returning them. I obtained a set of Turtle Beaches which did not sound as corsair vengeance 1500 very good, but method more at ease.

The sound is great however the develop quality not so much. Immediately after about 6 weeks the quantity straight down button caved in... The aspect near the quantity up button now is pushed so significantly decrease as quickly as the button is pressed that it slides corsair vengeance 1500 vbeneath the plastic approximately it and stays there. It can be gotten out but it is annoying nonetheless. I not often press it possibly and the volume handle portion never even strikes so it is simply very poor good quality. The plastic joint also broke about 8 weeks in. Yet again I am not rough with it; it simply broke one day time as I opened it as much as place upon my head. Now I have packing tape binding the joint which would seem to corsair vengeance 1500 perform but for this cost they really should have placed a lot more thoughts into your weak points (There exists hardly any plastic holding it jointly the place it broke). I would like a lot more headsets utilized steel or one thing. They're incredibly at ease although.

my corsair vengeance 1500 first massive headphones, i like them - comfy adequate - can get to become a bit a lot immediately after six-eight several hours however not genuinely unbearable.

Mic picks up almost everything really clear - i like this alot.

corsair vengeance 1500 Labored as quickly as i plugged it into my computer system, sounded excellent however read a overview that stated the patch or software package from their internet site quite possibly would improve sound excellent, was a painless encounter to replace, went to web page, found download, downloaded, installed, done, no hiccups.

no corsair vengeance 1500 authentic problems from me, delivers clear sound, and has a fantastic mic. the ear cushioning may be a bit better, but its not lousy. Listened to it on max quantity for hours and no speaker blowouts. Even have left it operating corsair vengeance 1500  in a single day with songs on complete-blast.

corsair vengeance 1500 anyhow, yeah content with them...

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