A Look At The Samsung Es8000 Review

There are loads of places online that will have a Samsung ES8000 review, as this is one of the new televisions that the world is going a little crazy over at the moment. But what is all the hype surrounding this new television? In the following paragraphs we shall see.

The Samsung ES8000 has lots of features that are very similar to a television that might have been in the movie 'Back to the Future.' It is a new television that was released onto the world stage in 2012.

Some Features

Some of the features of this new television are gesture and voice and profile recognition as well as being one of the thinnest 3D TVs around. With a simple hand gesture like the wave of a hand - this TV allows you to control and adjust the volume and the change the channels with a simple quick gesture.

The profile recognition allows this TV to tell who you are and the voice control recognition allows you to again change the level of the volume as well and adjust or switch the channel by simply speaking to your television - very cool indeed When you sit in front of your new television it will actually recommend television programs for you to watch because it knows who you are.

The LEDs light up from the back of the screen to make the images so this means that there is no glare on the screen.The Light Emitting Diodes produce a higher quality image and are also cheaper to manufacture and also maintain and run.

A new chip is released each year so you can easily update and maintain your TV's software and hardware. If you like the sound of this television you may want to find a Samsung es8000 review online and do some more research. A Samsung Es8000 review will tell you everything that you need to know about this great new TV.