5 New Features In Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8 is much talked about in the tech news and blogs. Technology fanatics are normally on a look out for the latest mobile phone and so revealing the capabilities of Windows 8 is something they like. In regards to the Windows 8 enabled mobile phone the most important factor to note is that it is pushed by a lot of completely new functions never seen before. The functions provided in this mobile phone are better than that of its forerunners as this system is founded on NT; what's more, it has a new Kernel. Why don't we find out more about it and the five exciting new features of this innovative phone software.

  • Start-up display screen
  • Data usage warnings
  • Media & Movies Updates
  • Roadmaps available offline
  • Me Tile Features

Now we will investigate each of the above capabilities one at a time that makes this mobile phone so fascinating

The start-up screen in the new version of Windows phone is something that comes with a new benefit to the user. The display has the capacity to adjust the size of the tiles. By doing this a operator can incorporate as many tiles as needed. Now it is quite simple to increase the amount of tiles on home screen as you're able to make way for new tiles by resizing them. By doing this it's easy to find apps added on the start-up screen without getting it messy or dealing with space constraints.

Often a user has to manually record the data consumption while surfing on the web. Reviewing data via AT &T app is tiring but with this new Windows 8 phone, the end user need not track data by hand. The efficiency of data tracking is automated with this latest version of Windows. In addition, the further functionality of data alert also manipulates and decreases the web page size that is downloaded on the phone. What this means is faster downloads and much less data use.

People who are focused on catching up on the most up-to-date news will not need to search for other options as the most current news updates will be made available from Bing. If you are seeking to knowing about the most recent motion picture releases then you need not open any third party software package as Bing is here to give you all the details you need. Most current media headlines and motion picture reviews, releases are all available via Bing that comes pre-loaded with Windows 8.

The map service is normally accessible on the internet to the users but not necessarily off-line - this differs in Windows 8. You can utilize the Mapping capability without the need to go online. This will help you preserve data usage and even battery life. Just go to the pre-loaded Maps and commence searching for the preferred region.

The new Windows Phone is likely to offer the capability of Me tile. However, this functionality is accessible for users but whether or not this capability exists for developers is still unclear. It is normally employed for changing the display lock to obtain notifications and alerts on unread emails.

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