The New Samsung Es8000 – How Good Is It Really?

The Samsung ES8000 is a brand new Smart television from the huge appliance giant Samsung. It is the first television in the world to feature voice gesture and profile recognition and is leading the way as far as Smart TVs and Internet connectivity and interaction goes.

This new TV would suit anyone who uses the Internet a lot and likes to be connected most of the time. It is also great for anyone who enjoys playing online games and also watching a bit of television at the same time. It features a dual core processor which allows the user to multi task because this TV fast. It is suitable for anyone who lives a little way away from friends and family as this TV comes with a built in High definition camera in the top of the television.

It has a HD camera so you can connect with friends and family over skype and as the screen on this TV is also quite big it is just like they are there in your living room with you.

So it is a new LED television but what exactly does that mean? Basically this television uses light emitting diodes instead of the older style cathode fluro lights . You don’t have to worry about the slow start up anymore with these new LED TVs as they get up and go instantly. The older style lights were the reason it took about 10 seconds for your old LCD

This Samsung ES8000 Television is super thin and can also be updated each and every year. This whole new wave of being able to interact with your television and also control it with voice and gestures is a huge thing currently and the Samsung ES8000 is the one leading the way. It really is the future of television - and reminds you of something out of a movie.