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If you're one of those do it your self type folk then making your home theatre screen is a straightforward project that may be fun and rewarding. Even if you are not, you would be surprised at how easy it is to create your own home cinema screen from basic materials. Just read on and follow the steps below to be enjoying your own customer home cinema projector screen.

Steps To Making Your Own Home Cinema Screen

The very first thing you wish to do is discover what the best display and size that may be displayed from your projector is. When you know this info you can start to design your screen. Any solution that you go with is going to go with is going to cost you a lot less then buying an overpriced screen in the stores.

For the easiest home cinema screen at home all you need is a large flat wall and paint. There are 3 different sorts of paint that appear to work best. Behr "Sivlerscreen" ( 770E-2 ) mix using Pure White ( UPW ) flat latex, Glidden ( CIL ) Foggy Evening, or any other neutral gray.

For me I adore the Behr Silverscreen as it gives deeper blacks helping out in higher background light conditions, which is what your home will have for most of the time. However, because it is grey this will slightly reduce the whites. You can counteract this by mixing it with a clear satin polycyclic. You can try different strengths but the best mix I found was one to one.

To color the screen, first apply 2 coats of just Silverscreen flat. Then apply a top coat of a couple of the Silverscreen mix to lift the gain. You can continue to add coats if you want to help improve the whites, but for the most part this should be perfect. When applying the paint you need to employ a white dense froth trim rollers to get that ultra smooth finish. Whatever you don't stop the rollers in the screen area as it'll leave marks. Go outside of the area you wish to use then paint back over that later on. You want to role the first coat across then the second coat up and down. Don't go over any of the parts that you have recently done as you need to lay as delicate layer as practicable.

That should do it, follow those steps and you will have your own home cinema screen in no time.