How ToStop Computer Viruses

You can get a virus in any of these methods even if you have an Antivirus Software set up and working. Occasionally there are viruses that will get across the system particularly when the virus is completely new and hasn’t been placed in the database of your anti virus. Also, it is better tomake sure your your anti-virus software is up to date in order to avoid these unwanted viruses as well as mallwares that may not only attack the performance of your personal computer but probably cause software malfunction. For quite a while I've been working for a computer repair in Utah and listed below are what I have observed how viruses are aquired.

Computer viruses originate from several different means and avenue but primarily from:

1.) When opening attachments - Opening email attachments can infect your computer simply because you are over-riding the antivirus program and instructing it to install it anyway. You don’t really know what is being installed for sure until it is too late.

2.) Unsecure program downloads - Installing software programs from the internet and installing them can sometimes bring computer viruses along with it. Never install a game or program except if you are guaranteed it is widespread, safe and secure.

3.) Unsecured Websites - Just simply going to some internet sites alone will get you a computer virus. Be aware that linking to a web site is in fact linking to a new personal computer somewhere on this planet. If that computer has viruses you can aquire them also. Go to known, clean, common internet sites.

4.) Foreign flash disks - Flash drives are now common. In case you plug a usb drive to your computer you can get a virus. Any pc virus on all the other personal computers the usb drive has been on can now infect your personal computer.

5.) Music sharing downloads - Music sharing programs are an easy way to obtain a pc virus. Morpheus, Bearshare and, Limewire are examples but there are a lot more. You're connecting to an unfamiliar computer somewhere on the planet and if they have got a virus you can get it also.

Suggestions: A working understanding of your Anti virus Program is important. Everyone ought to understand how to examine to see if the Anti virus Program is functioning on their computer system, also the best way to update and check on updates. A functional understanding of how you can assess the scan report is significant also. Everyone should be aware of the action to use if a virus is identified on your computer.