Samsung Flat Screen TVs- The New Smart TVs

Since they first came out Samsung Flat screen TVs have been evolving the redefining the way we watch television. The latest addition to their range is the new Samsung ES8000 Flat Screen. The new ES8000 is an LED TV, which in itself is quite a revolution but this revolutionary Smart TV is jammed packed full of great features and a whole load of new technology.

In this article we shall take a look at what an LED television is and how they are slowly changing the world of Flat screen televisions.

LED stands for light emitting diode, which is a semiconductor light source. They have been around for a while, since the 1960's in fact and have gradually become more and more increasingly used in all areas of lighting and technology.

Previous to LED lights, LCD TVs used to use cold cathode fluorescent lights to back light up the screen. An LED TV is really a Liquid crystal display screen that has been lit up from behind using LED lights. These new LED TVS have a great advantage over other televisions because the new LED lights are much more energy efficient and also can produce better images as the array of lights in the spectrum that can be produced by these televisions is much higher compared with other TVs..

Each year from 2013 Samsung is going to release a new chip that slots into the back of your TV to upgrade all the technology inside. It is the only television in the world at the moment that comes with an upgradable chip.

2012 Flat Screen TVs have really changed over time and as these TVs change so does the way we watch them. Smart TVs are the way of the future and it I am sure won't be long until connectivity and entertainment are intertwined. TV is becoming a lot more interactive - it is no longer a single or one-way medium. There are loads of Samsung flat screen TVs out on the market, and currently the Samsung ES8000 is the most interesting of them all.